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Version 1.10
April, 2001
(C) Copyright Infragistics, Inc., 1993-2001
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This document contains release notes for Data Widgets. Information in this document is more current than the on-line Help.

Included Samples

The Samples sub-folder of your product installation folder contains various samples demonstrating the use of the product. Brief descriptions of these can be found in the file Samples Descriptions.htm, located in the Samples folder.

About Calendar Widgets

December, 1998: Version 1.07 of Calendar Widgets includes new robust Y2K logic, including a new SlidingDateWindow property for the MonthView, YearView, and DateCombo controls. The SlidingDateWindow property is 32-bit only. The SlidingDateWindow property allows for alternate 2-digit year to 4-digit year semantics. Please see the Programming Notes section, below, for more information.

In addition, version 1.07 includes the new 32-bit Property Pages introduced in version 1.0f for all of the 32-bit controls found in the product (DayView, MonthView, YearView, and DateCombo). In addition, compatibility problems with Visual Studio 6.0 have been resolved.

Calendar Widgets
Calendar Widgets is a set of custom controls which allow you to create applications that display and manage date and time information. It is designed to facilitate the creation of a wide range of systems including data entry, accounting, billing, etc., where there may be a need to keep track of and view dates and times.

There are four controls that make up Calendar Widgets. The following is a brief description of the features of each control.

MonthView Control
The MonthView control allows you to display dates in a monthly view. Up to 3 months may be displayed at once. Special days, holidays and other events can be made to visually stand out by assigning colors, fonts and pictures. Additionally, any day or day of the week can be disabled, for restrictive date selection.

YearView Control
The YearView control has all the features of the MonthView control with the added functionality of displaying one year at a time. With the ability to add color and pictures, this control can be the foundation of any year-planning application. In addition, the YearView control is also data aware.

DateCombo Control
The DateCombo is especially suited for designing data entry forms. A full-featured version of the MonthView control is available as a dropdown for easy selection of dates. The DateCombo is also data aware.

DayView Control
The DayView control displays a daily time schedule. An adjustable time scale allows you to view schedules to varying amounts of detail. Multiple tasks can be scheduled at any time.

Programming Notes

New Spin Button and 2-Digit Year Display behavior
The spin button and the way in which 2-digit years are displayed has been changed in version 1.07 of Calendar Widgets. This applies to the Date Combo, the MonthView, and the YearView only. In versions of Calendar Widgets prior to 1.07, two-digit years were used when the control implied a 20th century date (00-99 implied 1900-1999). Starting in version 1.07 of Calendar Widgets, two digit years imply a century context as defined by the value of the new SlidingDateWindow property (q.v.).

New SlidingDateWindow Property
Calendar Widgets 1.07 introduces a new property, called SlidingDateWindow. This property offers alternate Y2K behavior with respect to the way in which the century context is determined for 2- digit year data entry. The Windows standard logic is to treat two digit years from 00-29 as 21st century dates (2000-2029) and all remaining two-digit dates as 20th century dates (1930-1999). When the SlidingDateWindow property is set to 0 (the default) this existing logic is used. When the SlidingDateWindow logic is set to 1-99 (the remaining valid values), the new Sliding Date Window logic is used instead. The following paragraphs are taken from the help file:

When the SlidingDateWindow property is set to a value from 1 to 99, the sliding date window is enabled and is used to determine which century gets assigned to a two-digit year. The assignment of the year value is based on the value of the SlidingDateWindow property and the current year (as determined by the system date.) The length of the sliding date window is always 100 years. The value you set for the SlidingDateWindow property determines how far into the future and the past the window extends, based on the current year. The end of the date window is determined by adding the number of the current year to the value of SlidingDateWindow and subtracting one. The beginning of the date window is therefore 100 years before. For example, if the date window ends in 2010, it begins in 1911.

The control takes the following steps to assign a century value to a 2-digit year using the sliding date window. When a two-digit date value is entered by the user, it is first assumed to have the same first two digits as the current year. This creates a "test year" that is compared against the range of years represented by the window. If the test year falls within the window, it is assumed to be correct, and the test value becomes the actual year value. If the test year comes before the beginning of the window, the two-digit century value is increased by one and combined with the two-digit value entered by the user to return the date value. If the test year comes after the end of the window, the two-digit century value is decreased by one and combined with the value entered by the user.

An example may help clarify this. Suppose it is the year 1999, and the control has its SlidingDateWindow property set to 21. This means the sliding date window ends in 2019 (1999+21-1) and begins in 1920. A user enters "84" as a two-digit date. First, the "test value" is constructed: 19 (from the current year 1999) and 84 (the entered value) are combined to produce a test value of 1984. Since this test date is within the 1920-2019 window, it is assigned to the year value without further change.

Now suppose the user enters "02" as a 2-digit year value. First, the test value (1902) is constructed. This value is compared to the sliding date window and found to occur before the window begins. The two-digit century is increased by one and combined with the value entered by the user, producing the 4-digit year 2002, which becomes the actual year value. A year goes by, and it is now the year 2000. The same program is running unchanged. The sliding date window is now calculated as 1921-2020, based on the current year. The user enters "99" as a 2-digit year value. The test value constructed is 2099. This value is found to be after the end of the sliding date window, so the century portion (20 in this case) is decreased by one and combined with the entered value to produce a year value of 1999.

You can use the following formulae to determine the start and end of the sliding date window, based on the setting of the SlidingDateWindow property (iSDW) and the current 4 digit year (iC4DY):

iBeginningOfSDWindow = iC4DY-(100-iSDW)
iEndOfSDWindow = iC4DY+(iSDW-1)

A value equal to the starting or ending value of the sliding date window is considered to be inside the window.

Internet Explorer Issues using YY/MM/DD Format
There are some known problems when running a Date Combo from within Internet Explorer 4.01 SP1 and where the system date settings are set to YY/MM/DD. It is possible to get garbage years during a simple year scroll using the scrollbar or the spin buttons. We plan on addressing these issues in a future release of Calendar Widgets.

VBX files are Installed to the Windows SYSTEM Directory
Version 1.07 installs/updates the Calendar Widgets VBX files (SSCALA.VBX and SSCALB.VBX) to the Windows SYSTEM directory. You can safely delete any Calendar Widgets VBX files from your Windows SYSTEM32 directory.

Issues Resolved

Problems Corrected By This Release ( April, 2001:

5073 - VB Writing EXE... process hangs when compiling a project with a form containing the DateCombo.
5066 - First timeslot doesn't appear into view.
5062 - Setting enable = false disables the wrong days.
5059 - Displaying a modal form in the InitMonth event causes the form to appear locked up.
5054 - VB Locks up when placing a Usercontrol that contains a DateCombo on a form.
5053 - SelLength changes to 0 when clicking on a menu.
5050 - Positioning and drawing problems when modifying the min/max date and numberOfMonths properties at runtime.
5033 - Text and Date properties return today's date when the defaultdate property is left blank at design time.
5029 - If MinDate is a date in the year 1999 and you Spin backward from the year 2000 to the year 1999, the date is incorrect.
5018 - The INF files in the CAB files for our products do not include a DefaultInstall section.
5016 - Regression: If AllowNullDate=True and an invalid date is entered, IsDateValid returns True.
5013 - Date format gets corrupted when you create more than 20 instances of a form with the DateCombo on it.
5012 - DateCombo with a blank DefaultDate and AllowNullDate set to True still returns the current system date when no date has been selected.
5009 - DateCombo reverts to today's date after performing a print from IE.
5001 - And YearView - Setting the Show Century to true has no effect on the Selected Date portion of either control.
4953 - While trying to use context menu to Select all/RemoveAll days within a month, Month View crashes the VB development environment.
4935 - Pressing Backspace on Control goes to previous page.
4932 - If NumberOfMonths=2 and AutoSelect=True, when you scroll the MonthView, more than one day will appear selected.
4925 - If you click on the right scroll arrow, the calendar will jump back to January of the year you are in.
4919 - Adding two dayview on the same form or in two different forms causes height shrinkage of one control at run time.
4597 - In MonthView, disabling days in a control where the NumberOfMonths are 2 or 3, does not persist when scrolling forward and backward to other months. And the order of the months is out of sequence.
4595 - When entering a SelectedDay in design mode and running the program, the selected day appears twice in some months after the months are scrolled forward and backward.
4486 - If you set VisibleMonth for a day to be Selected, the display gets corrupted as you scroll each month if you set NumerOfMonths greater than 1.

Problems Corrected By This Release (1.09.04) September, 1999:

4997 - Mask items 2 and 3 display nothing in the edit portion of the control.
4995 - And YearView - Show the full Four Digit Year whenever the Sliding Date is greater than 0
4994 - Sliding date is no longer working correctly.
4992 - Date gets selected for next datecombo in tab order when entering an invalid date and hitting tab.
4990 - Memory Leak when combo is attached to a database with null dates.
4989 - We are showing 4 digit years when we used to show 2 digit years when the sliding date is set.
4986 - With regional settings set to "yy/MM/dd", attempting to advance a month or year from the drop down will cause odd behavior.
4985 - Selected date is showing the incorrect century.
4972 - If your Short date setting are set to "ddMMMyyyy", the you cannot select a date.
4566 - If you are using the Japanese version of Win95, the control will allow you to enter more than two characters for a month if the control is wide enough
4964 - When the regional settings are set to yyyy/dd/mm, the edit portion becomes corrupt and you cannot select dates past today's date.
4959 - Changing the SSDBCombo date in the Click Event of a ComboBox fired after a MonthScroll Causes a GPF.
4953 - While trying to use context menu to Select all/RemoveAll days within a month, Month View crashes the VB development environment.
4951 - When run in an exe, a task is always cancelled until you enter a new task and hit enter after a task has been cancelled.
4934 - If you are design a form with ssDayView and your system time is set to 24 hour clock, changing regional settings causes vb to crash
4589 - Datecombo will not let you select todays date when you bind it at run time and the first record in the table has a null date.

Problems Corrected By This Release (1.08)

4887 - For VC++, controls are not showing up on the form
4901 - For the current century. 16-bit OCX only, entering a 2 digit year disregards
4902 - The installation for Calendar Widgets is not always updating an older version of MFC42.dll.
4923 - Calendar Controls don't show up on a FormView
4857 - DateCombo shows the mask instead of the NullDateLabel when you disable the container it is on.
4872 - When entering a date with a year below 100, the day, month and year get interchanged.
4875 - Setting the date property to the Now function will not work properly if the SlidingDateWindow property is set and the DefaultDate property is empty.
4882 - The control does not reflect the proper date if AllowNullDate is set to True, the DefaultDate is cleared, and the SlidingDateWindow property is set.
4884 - Arrow keys do not scroll through the items in a combobox tool on an ActiveToolBar when the activecontrol on a form is an ssDateCombo.
4889 - With VC++, If you invode the set_focus method on a datecombo control you will get an access violation error.
4942 - When user types incorrect date and autovalidate = false, I cannot return the date unless focus is set on the control.
4969 - DateCombo shows the MASK instead of NullDateLabel when bound to a recordset containing no records.
4873 - With VC++, MonthView disappears when using the MoveWindow() API.
4896 - With VC++, an unhandled exception error occurs in SSCALA32.OCX occurs if you put a ShowWindow in the OnSize event of a VC dialog.

Problems Corrected By This Release (1.07)

4850 - Changing the Regional Settings while an application with the calendar widgets is running causes the form to lock.
4667 - The aboutbox for each control does not display the correct version information
4724 - The Run-time error '32006' dialog box has a spelling error in it
4671 - Setting the font property of a newly created styleset, will cause the font to change to MS Sans Serif 12 pt.
4698 - Windows98 and NT5.0 have a long and short date setting that can lead to unexpected results in the value returned by the CalenderWidgets_B controls.
4711 - The control will show a year of 29 decreasing to 2028 when you use the spinner to decrement the year field
4725 - If you set the regional settings to "yy/MM/dd" on the date tab, the datecombo, only, displays the year as 2098 instead of 1998.
4750 - The datecombo displays extra dividers after setting the date in yy/mm/dd format, as in 98///200.
4769 - When an abbreviated or full name day or month Format (ie. DDD or MMMM) is used, it is not being displayed correctly when the FormattedText property is set
4732 - If the regional date settings are "yy/mm/dd", the datecombo will return 3498/10/22 when the control is placed on an html page
4738 - Get the incorrect year returned when you change the mask from the system default to the "YY/MM'DD" setting
4742 - The spinner will not decrement below 00 (spinning down towards 100) or increment above 00 (spinning up towards 2000) when the regional setting is set to "yy/mm/dd".
4761 - When Mask property is set to 3-YYMMDD and Format property is set to MM/DD/YYYY, it is displaying date incorrectly with only one date separator.
4726 - Improper Highlighting of the Year section when the control goes from a two digit year to a four digit year and vice-versa.
4763 - The email address for Calendar tech support email address is wrong. It is displaying the
4702 - The DateValue of the Month Control has no listing in the Help File.
4758 - Task Height, Width, Left, Top methods help files REMARK section reads property instead of methods.
4710 - Copyright in the help file needs to be updated
4747 - The default year is incorrect when the system is set to yy/mm/dd.
4772 - If you add a Day Object in PropertyPages using the same date previously added, you will receive error of " Rt error 10 This array is fixed or temporarily locked"
4727 - When the regional settings to "yy/mm/dd", the month view's "selected date label" returned strange results, and eventually will crash VC 6
4746 - Attempting to open the property pages throws a run-time error.
4701 - Removing a StyleSet from the Property Pages and then attempting to add a new Styleset envokes a Subscript out of rage error and shuts down the Property Pages.
4730 - Installing the setup.exe onto a clean machine gives a run-time error 50003 when you try to open the property page
4767 - MFCOLEui.dll is not getting installed to the System directory on a clean machine that doesn't have Vb4 on it.
4682 - The property pages will not run in VB4 32 bit when VB5 is not on the system.

Problems Corrected By This Release (1.0f)

4640 - The Font properties change when modifying another property from within the Property Pages. This happened on systems running Visual Studio 6.0.
4625 - If you have your KeyBoard setting set to French(Standard) you cannot type into the DateCombo
4622 - If you have OLEAut32.DLL v2.30.4253 or higher (from VS 6.0 or ADO 2.0), Feb. 29, 2000 does not work in the combo.
4594 - When date entered between 2000 and 2029 becomes 19xx when using new version of OleAut32.dll when DateCombo gets focus
4643 - CAB - sscalb32.inf - Class ID is incorrect for SSCALB32.OCX
4629 - All Controls - the Help button is not lauching the Help File.

Problems Corrected By This Release (1.0e)

Recent changes to the Windows system DLL OLEAUT32.DLL caused certain system calls to return a date such as 1/1/00 instead of the old 1/1/2000. Calendar Widgets 1.0e detects this situation and adjusts accordingly.

Problems Corrected By This Release (1.0d)

- All controls now support DBCS
- The CAB file for Calendar Widgets now includes a reference tothe SSFormat.dll.
- All problems with leaving the default date blank have been fixed.
- All problems that occured when multiple Date Combos were on the same form have been fixed.
- If you insert a Date Combo box inside a SSTab control and at run-time change the Enabled property of tab, the combo does not display the date.
- The SSDateCombo does not correctly reformat when bound and moving from record to record.
- Showing a messagebox or form in the DateError event causes the Format to replace the input Mask.
- The date continues to change when the keyboard arrow keys are used to 'spin' the date and the control loses focus.
- Setting Format="DDDDDD" (which is the string for system's long date setting) and entering a date beyond the year 2000, displays the year incorrectly.
- Assigning a date to a disabled SSDateCombo that is part of a control array causes an "Invalid Property Value" error.
- The Day object's Enable property is not being persisted when set from the Property Pages.
- When you disable all the days in the dropdown, VB locks up.
- If using a regional setting of Germany-Standard and any short date format using a "." (i.e. dd.MM.yy) the combo crashes when selecting a date.
- Changing the Format property and then the DateSeparator property ignores the DateSeparator property.
- When using a custom Format (e.g., DDD MM/DD/YYYY) in a bound DateCombo and navigating through the database, the Format is ignored.
- If DateSeparator is set to other than "/", ClipMode = ExcludeLiterals does not work properly.
- The date's format is now correctly displayed when bound to a database and scrolling through the records.
- When changing the first of two tasks in one time slot, the other task is overwritten with the first task.
- The control does not repaint when setting TopIndex or maximizing and then setting TopIndex.
- Resizing the control in the Form_Resize event results in a corrupted display.
- DayView paints improperly after adding and moving a task.
- Adding tasks through code places them in the wrong order.
- The DayView control flickers when moving the scroll bar thumb.
- Using timefromindex with a negative index causes a gpf
- When using the control an a Web page, when you drag the last task's bottom bar down you get an error and Internet Explorer locks up.
- Pressing the tab key when entering a task no longer erases tasks.
- If you disable each DayOfWeek, the environment locks up.
- Get "Invalid Property Array Index" error when using Index on Day Object if the Monthview is Invisible.
- Using the European system date format of dd/mm/yy makes the controls unusable in non-VB enviroments.
- Get "Invalid Array Index" error when 'X' object is used.
- Passing the Month control to a procedure doesn't allow the user to pass index variables to the day object.
- Using the Japanesse version of NT 4.0 (SP 1), the control does not permit the user to change the Min and Max Dates.
- If AutoSelect=True and the focus date becomes the selected date, the selected date does not change on the bottom of the MonthView.&127
- The DayOfWeek object does not show pictures when a styleset is applied.
- Days selected by putting code in the InitYear event do not show on startup.
- The YearView does not print in Access95 (the other Calendar Controls work properly).
- If you disable all the days in month that you are currently in you get locked up.
- The control no longer stays on top when displaying another form from the SSYear's click event.

Problems Corrected By This Release (1.0c)

- Setting any property from the Property Pages a second time will not take effect at run-time.
- Control position is locked after property pages are displayed.
- When using the Calendar controls within an Ole dll under NT 4.0, the control will not load.
- Does not work when set to UK Engilsh in VC or Delphi
- When the year is only 1 digit long, the date shifts the month and the year to the right.
- When setting the NullDateLabel property, the control does not always appear with the NullDateLabel.
- Selecting the same date on the dropdown does not fire the Click event.
- Use of the Alt-Arrow key combinations stops the keyboard interface from working.
- The value returned from the ClipText property does not always return the text that is on the clipboard. It depends on whether the date combo has focus.
- When the bound date field is Null, the control has the last record's date selected.
- There is no way of accessing selected text.
- The control GPFs if 12/30/1899 is selected
- The date continues to change when the keyboard arrow keys are used to 'spin' the date and the control loses focus.
- The control flickers when making changed in design mode under Win '95.
- The bound control does not update properly if the previous record contained a null date.
- When you type in an invalid date it swaps around the year and month.
- garbage character in the year when focus is lost
- gpf and other problems with two date combo's on a form.
- The control looses binding when attached to an empty table.
- Date from a previous record is highlighted on date combo's drop-down when moving to a record with no date in that field.
- When you add a new record to a bound date combo that was attached to an empty recordset, the date in the combo reverts back to mm/dd/yy.
- Setting a year to > 2000 causes combo to blank out upon losing focus.
- Pressing ESC while moving the Duration Change Bar will cause a GPF.
- The control does not refresh when showing the it on a modal form and setting the TopIndex property.
- Performing an UnLoad Me in the months DblClick event causes a GPF.
- Add a MonthView or YearView to a form. Click on a date. Press any key. The focus rect does not move.
- Use of the Day... methods with an illegal day object causes a GPF.

Problems Corrected By This Release (1.0b)

- Bound controls work correctly in Access 95.
- All resource leaks have been fixed.
- Controls no longer GPF when the control tab of the properties dialog is clicked in non-VB environments.
- HelpContextID property works correctly.
- Stylesets are no longer lost between property page sessions.
- "Vertical" is now spelled correctly for the DividerType property on the property pages.
- DateCombo no longer GPFs when short date is set to dd-mmm-yyyy.
- When the Datecombo is dropped down, the Taskbar no longer shows DropDownFrame in Win '95.
- DateCombo no longer GPFs when a message box is placed in the Click event.
- You can now edit the DateCombo with a Null date.
- Problems fixed when display date is NULL. Will no longer display 12/30/1899.
- NullDateLabels always show up if specified.
- DateCombo will no longer GPF if date separator is a "-".
- DateCombo's month is no longer one month behind when scrolling.
- Setting the Format property to YY/MM/DD no longer causes a GPF.
- No longer GPFs if bound to the Same data control as a DBList control.
- No longer GPFs when DROPPEDDOWN is set to false in DropDown event.
- When clearing the DateCombo at RunTime, it no longer appears with MM/DD/YY format.
- Change event fires consistently when spin buttons are pressed.
- No longer GPFs when setting code in the DroppedDown event of the DateCombo.
- DateCombo default dates now work correctly when part of a control array.
- NumberOfMonths and StartOfWeek enumerations can now be accessed correctly with a 0 index.
- SelChanged event now fires when the project is first started.
- Days can now be deselected through code.
- Spacebar and enter keys now select dates in VC++ 4.0.
- Selection in drop down no longer shows extra date separators in Delphi2.0.
- A messageBox in the DateError event no longer captures the mouse or GPFs.
- Double right clicking no longer captures the mouse.
- Spin buttons work consistently in Access95.
- Edit portion is no longer corrupted with extra date separators in Delphi 2.0.
- The click event now correctly fires when navigating with the keyboard and when clicking on the caption with the mouse.
- All problems with resizing the control and the TimeSelectionBar have been fixed.
- TaskSelected property now works correctly when set it code.
- Referencing the ssday1.x.Tasks(0).Begintime no longer causes a GPF.
- Setting ssday1.x.Tasks(TaskIndex).text in the CloseEdit event no longer causes a GPF.
- Setting a task Backcolor in the CloseEdit event no longer causes a GPF.
- Using the BeginTime property within a IndexFromTime method no longer causes a GPF.
- TimeSelectionBar now selects the correct time slot based on the TimeInterval setting.
- Using the IndexfromTime method with a time after 11:30pm non longer causes an error.
- DayView correctly refreshes when on a modal form and setting the TopIndex property.
- When setting the TopIndex and resizing the Control the TimeIntervals no longer change from 12hour to 24hours.
- Day view now repaints itself after resetting TimeEnd.
- Clicking on scroll bar in DayView now scrolls correctly on the first time.
- All problems with the DayView not refreshing correctly have been corrected.
- After resizing a dayview within code the time after 11:30pm is no longer incorrect.
- Increasing the DayView's size no longer causes a GPF.
- Entering more than 10 tasks in dayview no longer causes a GPF.
- Using 2 DayView controls & using TopIndexChange to keep them in sync no longer causes painting problems.
- Setting Mindate & Maxdate at design time no longer causes a GPF.
- NumberOfMonths and StartOfWeek enumerations can now be accessed correctly with a 0 index.
- SelChanged event now fires when the project is first started.
- Days can now be deselected through code.
- Spacebar and enter keys now select dates in VC++ 4.0.
- Selected days count is no longer incremented when no day objects are added.
- NumberOfMonths and StartOfWeek enumerations can now be accessed correctly with a 0 index.
- SelChanged event now fires when the project is first started.
- Days can now be deselected through code.
- Spacebar and enter keys now select dates in VC++ 4.0.
- A What's New section has been added.
- Files needed for redistribution now list the files date and version.
- Day Object no longer states it has a Picture property.
- Syntax for the TaskFromPos method has been corrected.

Problems Corrected By This Release (1.0c)

- All controls now work correctly if DragMode is set to automatic.
- CaptionHeight and other size properties now convert correctly when converting a project from VBX to OCX controls.
- End-user will no longer see the licensing error message when using the runtime controls.
- The error message "Invalid Property Value" will no longer appear when creating a new control as part of a control array at runtime.
- The control's picture property now correctly maintains the picture even if the source of the picture changes it's picture property. This only happened when setting destinationControl1.picture = sourceControl1.picture.
- The text selection highlight is now removed when the dropdown appears and is restored when the dropdown closes up.
- All problems relating to using anything besides a '/' as the date separator under the International Settings in the Control Panel have been fixed.
- If AllowEdit is False, the cursor does not change to an I-Beam when moving over the edit
- The ClipText property now returns the correct value even if the control does not have focus.
- All DateSeparators now work, including '*'.
- Beep now works when spinning past the MaxDate.
- Focus rectangle in the dropdown now behaves correctly.
- The delete key now works correctly when the Mask is YY/MM/DD and the control is in Month/Day/Year mode.
- Cursor keys now work correctly when AllowEdit is False.
- The date in the edit portion is now updated as the date in the dropdown is changed.
- Setting the prompt character to nothing will no longer crash the program.
- All problems associated with the Mask setting of YY/MM/DD have been fixed.
- Caption is drawn correctly if CaptionBevelWidth is 0 and CaptionBevelType is raised or inset.
- The control now repaints correctly if a task spans the visible area and a Time button is pressed to open a new task.
- All time settings from the International section of the Control Panel are now handled correctly. This includes 24-hour times and all AM/PM specifier combinations.
- All Focus Rect problems have been fixed.
- The control no longer GPFs when the edit box is open and the user minimizes the form.
- Only the caption area is re-drawn when changing the caption.
- Multi-Select mode now correctly orders the days when a day is de-selected. Fixed in SSYear also.
- Refresh rate has been speeded up.
- Specifying Day properties now correctly recognizes the StartMonth, as in SSYear1.X.Day(10).Caption = "Birthday".
- Tiling the CaptionPicture no longer overwrites the CaptionBevel.
- Month stylesets now work with the DayOfWeek captions.
- Control now redraws properly if a month is disabled after the StartMonth has been changed.
- Fixed problems with metafiles and tiling.

Problems Corrected By This Release (1.0a)

- Appendix: The help file incorrectly stated that OLENLS.DLL needs to be redistributed with the controls. The correct file name is OLE2NLS.DLL.
- Page 198 incorrectly used the DayFromPos property name for the TaskFromPos property.
- Page 234 incorrectly used a picture off of the SelectedDays collection. There is no picture property off of SelectedDays.
- A correction has been made to Page 33 of the Programmer's Guide. Step 3 of 'Exercise 3: Maneuvering The DayView Control' should read "Set the Caption property of the DayView control to 'Daily Schedule.'
- Corrections have been made to Page 36 of the Programmer's Guide. The If-Then-Else block in the code should read:
If AutoFlag = False Then
SSDay1.X.Tasks.Add StartTime, EndTime, Description, MyColor
SSDay1.X.Tasks.Add StartTime, EndTime, Description
End If
- A correction has been made to Page 37 of the Programmer's Guide. The block of code in Step 9 should read:

Sub Form_Load()
Combo1.AddItem "Auto"
Combo1.AddItem "Red"
Combo1.AddItem "Green"
Combo1.AddItem "Blue"
Combo1.ListIndex = 0
End Sub

- Corrections have been made to Appendix A of the Programmer's Guide. New files have been added to the list of files that are copied to the WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. Additional files will also now be copied to the WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 directory. See 'Included Files' under 'Technical Specifications' in the Calendar Widgets Help file for details.
- In addition to the above correction, a new section has been added to the Calendar Widgets Help file called "Distribution Notes." This section lists Microsoft files that need to be shipped with your applications. This new section can be found under the Technical Specifications section of the Help file.
- A 'Note' has been added to the 'X Object' section of Appendix C in the Programmer's Guide regarding the use of the X object from a Visual Basic BAS module.
- A new error message has been added to the list of Trappable errors.SS_ERR_BADHOST (Error Number 32020) is displayed when you attempt to set the Format property in a host environment that does not support date formatting.
- The Reset method has been added to the StyleSets collection. This method turns all properties of a particular StyleSet off although the StyleSet itself can still be accessed later on.
- The SelChanged event has been added to the MonthView control. This event is fired after a change in selection status has occurred. This event will not fire if the RtnCancel parameter of the SelChange event is set to TRUE.
- The ShowTaskColor property has been added to the DayView control. This property determined whether a rectangle with the Task BackColor appears to the left of tasks.
- The CloseEdit and ShowEdit events of the DayView control now pass in Index and Action parameters. The first is the index of the task in the task collection. The second is an indicator of whether the task was added or edited. The CloseEdit event also now passes in the Cancelled and Changed parameters. The first indicates whether the user has pressed <ESC> to cancel changes made to a task. The second indicates whether or not a change was made.
- The WeekNumber method of the DateCombo, MonthView and YearView control now has its parameters correctly documented. The default value of the FirstWeek parameter is '1-First four day week from Sunday.' The default value of the FirstMonth parameter is '1-StartMonth.'
- The TagVariant property is correctly documented as being able to store any data type except user defined types.
- Variant parameters passed into the WhereIs, TaskFromPos, TimeFromPos, TimeHeight, TimeLeft, TimeTop, TimeWidth, TaskHeight, TaskLeft, TaskTop and TaskWidth methods are correctly documented as needing use the CVar function to overcome problems experienced when using Visual Basic.
- When passing values returned from an X object to a Method invoked through an X object, the value must first be placed into a variable. This is correctly documented in 'Passing Values to Methods Using the X Object' in the 'X Object' section under 'Compatibility Issues.'
- The 'Pictures' section of Appendix C (Compatibility Issues in the help file) is now correctly documented. When using the VBX version of a Calendar Widgets control, a picture in a sub-object that is set via the Picture property can be removed by setting the Picture property to an empty sting ("").
- The 'Index' parameter of the ShowEdit and CloseEdit events of the DayView control has been changed to 'TaskIndex'.
- The 'Clear' property listed in the SelectedDays Collection of the control reference should be listed as the 'Count' property.
- The See Also, Example, and Applies To lists in the help file now work correctly.
- The Search and Browse functions of the help file now work correctly.

Orginal Release (1.0). No revisions.