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Version 1.00.6007.78.01 - June, 2003

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This document contains release notes for UltraWebChart. Be sure to read through the help file topics for important information on how to best use UltraWebChart.

.NET Framework Compatibility
All included assemblies have been built against the Microsoft .NET framework RTM build. You must have the RTM build of the framework installed for the product to work.

Running WebForms Applications
In order to run applications that use the Infragistics Web Controls on your machine, you will need to set the Copy Local flag to True for the Infragistics.WebUI.Shared.dll Assembly.  This is because Web Applications, by default, do not look in the GAC to resolve assembly references at runtime.  Therefore, the Infragistics.WebUI.Shared.dll assembly must be copied to the local project directory along with the UltraWebChart assembly in order to run the Web application under IIS.

Installation of Samples
On Windows XP machines, the data binding samples may display an exception stating that the user does not have access rights to the file or that the file is in use by someone else.

The cause of the problem is due to certain changes Microsoft made in the security settings and defaults for running Web applications on a Server. With the release version of Visual Studio.NET, Web applications running on the server are run under the ASPNET Windows account on the machine.  This account is only given User privileges when .NET is installed.  In order to open files for reading and writing, this account needs higher privileges. In order to change the privileges of this account, one must be logged onto the machine with Administrative privileges.  When logged on with Administrative privileges, one can go into Control Panel - Users and Passwords and change the member groups of the ASPNET account on the local server machine.  The privileges should be increased to Administrators group. At this point, the sample application will be able to access the database file at runtime.


The installation for the Infragistics Web Controls attempts to automatically install all samples into the IIS virtual directory structures on the target machine so that the samples can be run easily and the sample projects can be opened in Visual Studio .NET.  However, under some circumstances, it may not be possible to complete this aspect successfully.  Therefore, the following information can be used to manually install the samples and get them running in the event that the automatic installation fails.


There are two different methods you can use that you can resolve this problem.


Method 1 - Running the Batch File

1) open a command window.  Navigate to the installation folder.  By default this would be c:\program files\infragistics.  From here, go to UltraWebChart and then v1.00.6007.


2) run CHARTremovevd.bat  This file takes 2 parameters, the first is the drive where UltraWebChart is installed.  The second is the full path to where UltraWebChart is installed.  Here is an example of what it would look like for a default install:

CHARTremovevd “c:” "c:\program files\infragistics\ultrawebchart\v1.00.6007\”

This will remove the virtual directories that may be present from a previous install of UltraWebChart.


3) run CHARTmakevd.bat  This file takes 4 parameters, the first is the drive where UltraWebChart is installed.  The second is the full path to the samples directory.  The third is the full path to the ig_images directory, and the fourth is the full path to the ig_scripts directory.  Here is an example of what it would look like for a default install:

CHARTmakevd “c:” "c:\program files\infragistics\ultrawebchart\v1.00.6007\samples" "c:\program files\common files\infragistics\web\ig_images" "c:\program files\common files\infragistics\web\ig_scripts" 


Note:  Quotes must be included.  The drive letters and directory names will be different if you did not use the default install path. 


Method 2 - Manually configuring IIS


1) Open IIS Admin ( control panel->administrative tools->Internet Services Manager)

2) Expand Default Website

3) Right click Default Website and in the popup menu, select new->Virtual Directory

4) For Alias type ig_samples, click next and browse to the ig_samples directory.  By default it is c:\program files\common files\infragistics\web\ig_samples.

5) Click Next, then Finish.

6) Repeat steps 3-5 for the ig_images directory (the default path is c:\program files\common files\infragistics\web\ig_images)

7) Repeat steps 3-5 to create ig_ultrawebchartsamples (the default path is c:\program files\infragistics\ultrawebchart\v1.00.6007\samples)

8) Under Default Website there should now be an entry for ig_ultrawebchartsamples.  Expand this. 

9) Expand CS.  For each directory under here right click, and select properties.  Click on the Create button under Application settings.  Do the same for each directory under the VB folder.


All samples should now be ready to run.

Installation of JavaScript File:
Correct installation of the JavaScript file requires that it be copied to the ig_scripts virtual directory within IIS in order to be accessed at runtime.  By default, the product installation maps this directory to c:\program files\common files\Infragistics\Web\v1.0.6007\ig_Scripts.  If you receive updates for the JavaScript file, it should be placed into this directory to overwrite the older copy.

Please follow these instructions to install .NET Hot Fixes.

In addition to the normal steps of installing a hot fix, this release (1.00.6007.20.00 and greater) of the Infragistics UltraWebChart Controls contains a new assembly, Infragistics.WebUI.Shared.dll, that replaces an existing assembly: Infragistics.Shared.dll.  This requires that an extra step be performed as shown in item 4 below.

  1. To install the Hot Fix assemblies, extract the assembly DLL and its .XML file into your installation folder. The default location for the assemblies is C:\Program Files\Infragistics\PRODUCT NAME\v1.00.6007.
  2. Extract Infragistics.WebUI.Shared.dll to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Infragistics\Web\v1.00.6007.  From there, this assembly needs to be copied to the GAC (C:\Windows\Assembly).  Drag/Copy the assembly from the installed directory to the GAC.
  3. Extract any JavaScript files (.js) to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Infragistics\Web\ig_Scripts
  4. Open any projects in which you are using Infragistics Web controls and replace the reference to Infragistics.Shared.dll with a reference to Infragistics.WebUI.Shared.dll.

It is recommended that you install the Hot Fixes only if you are experiencing a specific issue addressed by the Hot Fix that cannot be satisfactorily resolved by a workaround

Hot Fix Note:
Hot Fixes may not be included in full suite releases.  You may need to reapply your Hot Fix after you have installed a full suite release.

Issues Addressed:

UltraWebChart 1.00.6007.78.01– June, 2003
Full Release containing all previous Hot Fixes

UltraWebChart 1.00.6007.63.01– February, 2003
Full Release containing all previous Hot Fixes

UltraWebChart 1.00.6007.57.01– December, 2002
- Full Release

UltraWebChart 1.00.6007.20.01– August, 2002
- Full Release

UltraWebChart 1.00.6007.17.00 – June, 2002
- Initial Release