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Version 3.13
March, 2001
(C) Copyright Infragistics, Inc., 1993-2001
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This document contains release notes for Data Widgets. Information in this document is more current than the on-line Help.

Included Samples

The Samples sub-folder of your product installation folder contains various samples demonstrating the use of the product. Brief descriptions of these can be found in the file Samples Descriptions.htm, located in the Samples folder.

Part 1 - Important Information

Enhanced OLE DB Hierarchical Binding and Batch Optimistic Support!

Data Widgets 3.12 supports binding to any Data Member in a hierarchical recodset. All parent-child recordset notifications defined by OLE DB are now supported! In addition, a new property called BatchUpdate has been added to support the Batch-Optimistic mode of record locking. Please see the online help system for more details.

Updated and Improved Online Help System!

The online help system has been reorganized and enhanced to make finding information and learning about Data Widgets easier than ever before. Some of the enhancements include:

Part 2 - Sample Program Listing

Included Samples
The Samples sub-folder of your Data Widgets installation folder contains various samples demonstrating the use of the Data Widgets controls. Brief descriptions of these can be found in the file called Samples Descriptions.htm, located in the Samples folder.

Part 3 - Programming Notes

As of Data Widgets 3.10, two new OCX files have been distributed: ssdw3bo.ocx and ssdw3ao.ocx. The ssdw3bo.ocx file implements the OLE DB-bound versions of the Grid, Combo, and Dropdown controls. The ssdw3ao.ocx file implements the OLE DB-bound version of the Enhanced Data, Data Option Set, and Data Command Buttons controls. These files are analogous to their ODBC counterparts, ssdw3b32.ocx and ssdw3a32.ocx.

To bind the new OLE DB controls to the new OLE DB data sources available in Visual Studio 6.0, follow the steps outlined in the Visual Basic 6.0 and Visual C++ 6.0 documentation for binding controls.

Please note that the OLE DB-bound versions of the Data Widgets 3.12 controls are not supported in Visual Basic 5.0 nor are they supported in Visual C++ 5.0. In addition, the OLE DB-bound controls will not bind to the Microsoft ADO Data Control in Visual Basic 5.0 or Visual C++ 5.0 because those environments do not have intrinsic binding manager support for OLE DB.

You may notice that the Grid will not reflect the default values set by the back-end for rows created with the AddNew method of the underlying OLE DB/ADO Recordset. This is a limitation of the OLE DB providers that ship with Visual Studio 6.0. When the OLE DB providers are updated to supply this information, Data Widgets will automatically display the default values. In the meantime, if you call the Refresh method off of the ADO Recordset, the Grid will reflect the default values.

Another consequence of the fact that current OLE DB providers do not supply default values is that rows that seem to commit will not be available if you stop and then restart your project. For instance, if you add a new record in a table with two fields (one required and one not required) and you leave the required field blank when you move off the row, the row will appear in the grid but will not be reflected on the back-end. If you enter data manually into the required field, the row will commit as usual.

Support for Internet Explorer 3.x, 4.x, and 5.x (Updated for 3.1)

Unbound mode is now supported under Internet Explorer 5.0 and later.

When using the SSDBGrid in AddItem mode on an HTML page, it is recommended that you do not manipulate the SSDBGrid in the Window_OnLoad event. Use the InitColumnProps event instead.

The Export method will fail when invoked under Internet Explorer because this method writes to a file on the user's system. This violates security protocol and the method has been disabled under Internet Explorer.

The SSDBGrid will not display any of its print error dialogs under Internet Explorer because these dialogs cannot be cancelled by setting the Cancel parameter of the PrintError event to TRUE. Internet Explorer passes a copy of all event parameters, preventing the SSDBGrid from detecting the cancellation. Because the parameters of the event are passed ByVal, any changes made in the event handler are not visible to the control that fired the event. You can easily show your own dialog when you receive this event, however.

The NumberFormat property will have no effect under Internet Explorer. This is a limitation of Internet Explorer, as it does not support an advanced formatting environment similar to that supported by Visual Basic.

Internet Explorer does not fire the LostFocus and GotFocus events for embedded ActiveX controls. Therefore, Data Widgets does not support these events in that environment.

While OLE Drag and Drop works fine (that is, dragging the contents of a text selection from one application supporting OLE Drag and Drop into a SSDBGrid cell, or between SSDBGrid cells), the DragIcon and DragMode properties are not supported by Internet Explorer. This is a limitation of Internet Explorer.

Updated for 3.1- The OLE DB-bound Data Widgets 3.1 controls (i.e.: SSOLEDBGrid) will not bind to the RDS from within Internet Explorer 4.x. IE4 exposes the older ODBC-style binding mechanism. Please continue to use the ODBC-bound Data Widgets 3.1 controls (i.e.: SSDBGrid).

Updated for 3.1- Performing a SaveChanges method call to the RDS will not commit a row that is currently dirty in the grid (currently being changed). You must first commit the row in the Data Widgets Grid by calling SSDBGrid1.Update before calling SaveChanges off of the RDS.

Limitations of the OLE DB Enhanced Data Control

These limitations as described in the ReadMe for Data Widgets 3.11 and earlier have been lifted. Data Widgets 3.12 now fully supports chaptered recordsets.

OLE DB Chapter Limitations

These limitations as described in the ReadMe for Data Widgets 3.11 and earlier have been lifted. Data Widgets 3.12 now fully supports chaptered recordsets.

New OLE DB Bookmark Data Types

Starting with Data Widgets 3.11, if an OLE DB Data Widgets Control is in bound mode, properties, methods and event parameters that contain bookmarks will accept and return variants of type Double. Previously, the Bookmark type was a variant packed with an array of bytes, which was consistent with DAO and ODBC. Starting with Visual Studio 6.0, the Data Environment and ADO Data Control began returning bookmarks as Doubles. The OLE DB versions of the Data Widgets Controls have been updated to be compatible with the Visual Studio 6.0 Data Providers.

New redistributable MFC DLL required by Data Widgets 3.0

Data Widgets 3.01 (or later) requires a new version of mfc42.dll. The new version number is 4.21.7303. You must redistribute this file, or a more recent version, to all of your users when you redistribute Data Widgets 3.01 (or later). Later versions of the MFC DLL, such as the 6.00.8168.0 version installed by Visual C++ 6.0 will work fine for Data Widgets 3.11. There should be no need to distribute the Visual C++ 6.0 version of the MFC DLL even if you are using the newer OLE DB binding controls unless your own application requires you to do so.

Upgrading a project from ODBC Data Widgets 3.x to OLE DB Data Widgets 3.1x

If you want to convert a project using Data Widgets 2.0 bound to the DAO/ODBC Data Control or the ODBC Remote Data Control, follow the steps outlined below for upgrading a project from Data Widgets 2 to Data Widgets 3.1x. Once your project is using Data Widgets 3.1x (ODBC-bound) you can change it to use the OLE DB-bound controls by following the procedure outline below.

1. Open up your VBP file using Windows Notepad or another text editor and add the following lines:

Object={B1C46850-3E6A-11d2-8FEB-00104B9E07A7}#3.0#0; ssdw3ao.ocx
Object={4A4AA691-3E6F-11D2-822F-00104B9E07A1}#3.0#0; ssdw3bo.ocx

This line loads the Data Widgets OLE DB controls into your toolbox.

2. To remove the DAO/ODBC version of the controls from your toolbox, remove the following lines:

Object={8D650146-6025-11d1-BC40-0000C042AEC0}#3.0#0; ssdw3a32.ocx
Object={8D650141-6025-11D1-BC40-0000C042AEC0}#3.0#0; ssdw3b32.ocx

(This step is optional. You are not required to remove the DAO/ODBC versions of the controls.)

3. Save the changes to your VBP file.

4. Again using your text editor, open each Visual Basic form (.FRM file) that uses one of the
DAO/ODBC controls and do the following:

Change the following lines:

Object = "{8D650146-6025-11d1-BC40-0000C042AEC0}#3.0#0"; "ssdw3a32.ocx"
Object = "{8D650141-6025-11D1-BC40-0000C042AEC0}#3.0#0"; "ssdw3b32.ocx"


Object = "{B1C46850-3E6A-11d2-8FEB-00104B9E07A7}#3.0#0"; "ssdw3ao.ocx"
Object = "{4A4AA691-3E6F-11D2-822F-00104B9E07A1}#3.0#0"; "ssdw3bo.ocx"

Then change any lines further down in the FRM file that refer to the DataWidgets DAO/ODBC
controls. For example, if your form contained an Enhanced Data Control, you would change the
following line:

Begin SSDataWidgets_A.SSDBData SSDBData1


Begin SSDataWidgets_A_OLEDB.SSOleDBData SSDBData1

If your form contained a DataGrid control, you would change the following line:

Begin SSDataWidgets_B.SSDBGrid SSDBGrid1


Begin SSDataWidgets_B_OLEDB.SSOleDBGrid SSDBGrid1

4. Save the changes to the .FRM file.

Once you have saved the changes to the FRM file, you can load your project into Visual Basic 6 and bind the Grid/Combo/Dropdown to either a DataEnvironment or an ADO Data Control as per the Visual Studio documentation.

Note that you may receive an error when you first load forms converted in this way. If you check the log file, it will state:

"Property Bindings in SSDBGrid1 could not be set."

All this means is that the OLE DB controls could not be bound to the ODBC DataSource defined in the FRM file. Simply change the DataSource property of the offending controls to their OLE DB equivalents.

Partial-match searches are not supported when bound to the either the RDC or the RDS

When the EDC (Enhanced Data Control) is bound to the Remote Data Control (RDC) from within Visual Basic or when it is bound to the Remote Data Service (RDS) from within Internet Explorer, wildcard searches are not supported. Also, when the EDC is bound to the standard Visual Basic 4.0 and 5.0 Data Control and the RecordsetType property of the Data Control is set to "Table", wildcard searches are not supported.

Hence a search criteria of "*eek" will not successfully locate an item containing "week." However, a search criterion of "wee" will successfully locate records containing "week" in these environments.

Text and Value Properties for a Cell with a Date Mask

Zero's are placed to the left of entered digits in a cell with a date mask if those empty placeholders are prompt characters. If there is no entered digit for the field (month, day, year), all required locations are filled with 0's. Note: This only occurs when PromptInclude is set to True.

Adding Data Widgets to your Apartment-Model User Control in Visual Basic 5.0

The 32-bit Data Widgets OCX files contain duplicate non Apartment-Model thread-safe registry entries for all six controls. These duplicate entries are provided for backward compatibility and do not affect the threading characteristics of Data Widgets in any way. However, the presence of these duplicate entries will prevent the user from adding Data Widgets to an Apartment-Model User Control under Visual Basic 5.0. We have a .reg file available in the Miscellaneous Files page in the Download section of our website,, that easily corrects this incompatibility.

MouseWheel Functionality Not Fully Supported by Windows 95 and Windows 98

Windows NT supports both panning and scrolling. However, Windows 95/98 only supports panning unless you do some extra work involving registering and hooking a special Window Message. A sample project called "MouseWheel" that illustrates how to do this is available in the Product Samples page in the Support section of our website at

Printing Limitations with Specific Printers

There is a known problem with some printer drivers where the tab character used to align the text for the page header or footer will be printed. This seems to be a problem with the printer driver incorrectly interpreting the alignment output specifiers when rendering text.

Upgrading a project from Data Widgets 2.0 to Data Widgets 3.1x

In order to update a project that was saved with Data Widgets 2.0 to use 3.1x, you have to replace the following line(s) in your project's vbp file and all VB5 .frm files that contain Data Widgets 2.0 controls (VB4 .frm files do not contain object references):

Object={D981334D-B212-11CE-AE8C-0000C0B99395}#2.0#0; ssdata32.ocx
Object={BC496AED-9B4E-11CE-A6D5-0000C0BE9395}#2.0#0; ssdatb32.ocx

with these:

Object={8D650146-6025-11D1-BC40-0000C042AEC0}#3.0#0; ssdw3a32.ocx
Object={8D650141-6025-11D1-BC40-0000C042AEC0}#3.0#0; ssdw3b32.ocx

You can either open up your project files and make these changes yourself or you can run the supplied utility. For 16-bit operating systems, run DW2TO316.EXE and for 32-bit operating systems, run DW2TO332.EXE. These files are installed in the Data Widgets directory. They can also be run from the Start menu.

Save/Restore Layout Limitations

The 32-bit version of the Data Widgets 3.x controls may not load grid layouts correctly when those layouts were saved using the 16-bit version of the Data Widgets 3.x controls.

Part 4 - Issues Resolved

Problems Corrected By This Release ( March, 2001:

9683 - Getting a gpf when attempting to stop a vb project having breakpoint on a line of code setting combo's droppeddown to true.
9683 - When you delete a row, nothing appears in the message box.
9676 - Method reset of columns collection fails.
9665 - RowBuf's ColumnCount and Value array contain less than the number of columns in the grid when adding and removing columns.
9662 - Partial match and soundex option appear disabled on the find dialog.
9658 - Right-Clicking on the grid selector causes painting problem with the grid.
9657 - If you disable and re-enable the grid, you can't activate the previously active cell.
9656 - Grid's MoveNext method jumps to end of recordset instead of next record.
9650 - ListAutoPosition Bug in SSOLEDBCombo.
9646 - Unable to select an item from the combo list portion and apply it to the edit portion when specific properties are set in code.
9645 - Checkbox column doesn't get checked on a single click.
9644 - Dropdown Combo will not drop down when enter key pressed.
9624 - Data in a single row grid is not displayed.
9617 - Memory error when loading a very large recordset. (48,000 records).
9611 - Resizing a bound grid causes data on the addRow to disappear except the data from the current column.
9606 - Add row in edit mode disappears when resizing the Data Grid.
9604 - OLEDBGrid with OLEDBDropDown crashes when modifying his recordset in the DropDown event.
9591 - Buttons are never enabled when bound to a child command.
9589 - Checkboxes appear gray when the value changes if the cell with the checkbox did not have focus.
9588 - The KeyPress event of the DataCombo does not always fire when pressing the enter key.
9578 - Resizing the grid in code results in unwanted scrolling of the grid.
9575 - UnboundReadData firing after the BeforeUpdate but before the UnboundAddData event.
9572 - Column value doesn't get saved when binding the grid at runtime and changing column value in code in beforecolupdate event.
9569 - When the grid is bound to a disconnected ADO recordset. The grid does not decrement the count of the recordset when deleting a row in the grid.
9568 - Database error occurs when calling the UpdateBatch method of an ado recordset if you cancel the insertion of an new row in the ssoledbgrid.
9563 - DataCombo GPF's during form unloading.
9562 - Grid displays '0'/'0-1' in a column when it gets focus after clicking on a checkbox column.
9560 - Combo does not position to first letter when user types in the first letter into the edit portion of a dropdown. Possible Regression.
9558 - Update Button of EDC becomes disabled after entering text on a VBTextbox bound to the same ADODC.
9557 - Method text of ISSColumn Failed.
9556 - Resizing an unbound grid causes all data on the addRow to disappear except the data from the current column.
9553 - Column sizes change when binding the grid at run-time.
9551 - Ghost row appears and no update error when moving off of an addnew row and not entering a value for a required field.
9550 - Setting the DataSource of the grid many times leads to an "Method 'DataSource' of Object _DSSDBGrid failed" error message.
9549 - GPF when running an application with an ssdbcombo bound to an ADO dataenvironment when using DataFieldToDisplay.
9548 - The Method Recordset.Requery loose the grid layout, all columns are replaced with the fields of the Recordset.
9546 - UpdateError occurs when moving off a row that does not have the date field filled in.
9544 - Cannot tab out of a grid inside a Usercontrol.
9538 - "Run-time error '-2147417848 (80010108) Method 'SaveLayout' of object '_DSSDBGrid' failed" when saving a layout with a splitter in the grid.
9530 - Setting the DataSource of the grid many times leads to an "Object has disconnected from its clients" error message.
9529 - CellText method only returns the value of the first row of the DataGrid.
9518 - Invoking the LoadLayout multiple times results in runtime error -2147417848 - "The object has disconnected from its clients".
9517 - Change Event fires before OnInit for Dialog.
9514 - Setting the value property of the ssdbgrid that has an associated ssdbdropdown displays the DataFieldList and not the DataFieldToDisplay.
9513 - Disabled Option Buttons can still be selected using the keyboard (arrow keys or accelerator).
9511 - In an MDI project, instantiating multiple instances of a form with an ssOleGrid causes the following error 'object disconnected from its clients".
9507 - Memory leak when applying styleset in the rowloaded event.
9502 - Update error occurs when updating several SQL Server bit fields using ADO 2.5.
9497 - Balloonhelp cuts off some words in longer cells.
9449 - In additem mode, cannot delete the first row when the first row is the only row in the grid.
9444 - IsItemInList fails when called from the LostFocus event if the TextFormat property is set.
9431 - Regression: BeforeUpdate event of the Grid fires twice when you click Update of the EDC and Cancel it.
9429 - Find Next causes a crash on Windows 2000.
9424 - Grid appears blank when bound to a server-side Access recordset using the Jet 3.51 OLEDB Provider.
9421 - Regression: Unbound grid does not remove all deleted rows when using DeleteSelected method.
9407 - Numberformat of "mm/dd/yyyy" for a date column, displays the year as 20xx instead of 19xx whereas the vb format function correctly interprets the date.
9398 - Dropdown portion of the ssOleDbCombo and the ssOleDBDropdown appears in the primary monitor when run on a multimonitor system.
9393 - After doing a sort on the recordset, the grid no longer positions with the recordset.
9377 - Memory is not being released by grid's process when applying cellstyleset in rowloaded event.
9366 - Resource Leak when calling the WhereIs method in the MouseMove event of a VC++ app.
9361 - Both Grids - When bound to a datacontrol and the columns are created via the grid editor by selecting all the fields, the grid is not updateable.
9353 - When sorting an ado recordset that the ssOleDBGrid is bound to, textboxes bound to the same recordset do not display the values for the current rec.
9349 - Unable to clear a date field when using a serverside cursor with the Jet 4.0 OleDB Provider.
9345 - Application crashes when Alt-Tab'ing to a DOS Prompt and then back to the application which has an SSDBGrid.
9341 - Peforming a refresh of the data control in the BeforeUpdate event causes a GPF.
9339 - IsItemInList returns false when the edit portion is blank and there is a blank row in the combo.
9337 - When binding to an ADODC, when you enter a date into a grid column of datatype 7(date). Sometimes the value persists, sometimes it does not.
9331 - When deleting a record, the Error event of the DataGrid does not fire.
9330 - Application GPFs in SSR2C.Dll when doing a refresh or requery of the recordset in the Error event, AfterUpdate event or UpdateError event.
9320 - Regression: If DataGrid is bound to table containing 01Oct99 and NumberFormat for column is ddmmmyy, date displays incorrectly as 10Jan99.
9318 - GPF when using a logitech wheel mouse after dropping down the list portion of a combo.
9317 - If you have an MSgrid and a SSOledbgrid bound to the same recordset, changes made in the ssoledbgrid do not show in the ms grids.
9316 - When synchronizing to OledbGrid with a MSgrid on a disconnected recordset. Movement within the ssoledbgrid, causes data to be 'lost' in the ms grid.
9314 - If there is no default value in the DataOptionSet and you access the option set with a shortcut key, a GPF will occur.
9309 - Regression problem: SSOleDBCombo no longer positions properly when typing in the edit portion and dropping down the list.
9293 - When you do an Addnew on an ADO recordset and set the value of a field, it does not show up in the grid. Multiple Addnew's cause strange results.
9292 - Addnew Button still doesn't move to the Addnew Row and does not let you save changes.
9288 - Grid and DropDown in a Usercontrol bound to ADO recordsets created dynamically - DataFieldToDisplay doesn't function correctly.
9283 - Grid and EDC Bound to same ADO, can't update records in the Grid.
9247 - System resources decrease by 70% when running a vb exe which has a usercontrol with a grid and a text and the uc's defaultcancel set to true.
9195 - When binding to an ADODC, when you enter a date into a grid column of datatype 7(date). Sometimes the value persists, sometimes it does not.
9164 - Regression: Pressing enter when the Combo is dropped down no longer selects the item.
9038 - After swapping Groups and saving Layout, restoring Layout places all Columns in one Group.
8765 - Columns are created in an incorrect group when loading a layout that has groups and columns.
8735 - Performing a movelast and movenext inserts a blank row in the display when an unbound grid has less rows displayed than can fit in the displayable area.
8383 - If you fill in a column of the Addnew row and scroll it out of view, when you try to change Rows, BeforeUpdate returns the wrong values for the row.

Problems Corrected By This Release (3.12.010) September, 2001:

9278 - Batch Update not working 100%.
9265 - Grid is not rebinding correctly when changing between group by and regular table display.
9262 - Invalid property values occurs when switching tabs in the prop pages if the splitterpos is set to a value >= to the number of columns in the control.
9258 - EDC when bound via OLE DB Data Environment does not update bound caption or navigate correctly.
9236 - Thumb is not being positioned correctly after the user scrolls to end and then redrops the drop down.
9231 - When a column of the grid is locked, hitting a key no longer cycles through the entries that begin with that letter.
9230 - When changing the CheckBox3D to false, the grid editor does not update itself, but it does update the grid on the form.
9219 - Continuous clicking on the Add button will blank rows to be displayed even when Database restrictions are involved.
9217 - Calling the IsItemInList in the Validate event fails if there is a mask for the combo.
9212 - Can't change the font settings of the Grid using the Editor
9260 - Memory leak when updating adding new records via the MSGrid while an attempting to add new records with the OLEDBGrid.
9254 - Text in a cell is not aligned properly when using a styleset whose caption alignment is set to ssCaptionAlignmentRight.
9247 - System resources decrease by 70% when running a vb exe which has a usercontrol with a grid and a text and the uc's defaultcancel set to true.
9233 - GPF when entering data into a field bound to a Float (Not Null) when UseDefaults is set to true.
9232 - When bound to a DataEnv, attempting to fire the DataEnv's CancelUpdate when editing a row will cause a Run Time Error
9225 - GPF when bound to an ADO and user changes the CursorLocation and CursorType several times.
9216 - Using Oracle - Child Grid does not update information
9215 - Invoking the IsCellValid method for a column with an attached ssdbdropdown whose DataFieldToDisplay set causes a runtime error.
9214 - The FieldLen of a column is being based on the ActualSize of the field not the DefinedSize.
9211 - Losing a click event.
9209 - Hierarchical structure - Child Grid remains in edit mode when attempting to edit a child record the second time
9207 - Data disappears in the grid when making changes to data, and moving to a different row using data control
9204 - With Cursor Type Dynamic, Cursor Location Server Side and Lock Type Optimistic, OLEDBGrid loses cursor position when the Dat Env is reset.
9200 - When updating a child command of a Data Env, only the info at the current bookmark displays the correct updated info.
9201 - Placing a second grid on a page that already has a grid with a dropdown causes the initcolumn props event of the first grid to fail randomly
9195 - When binding to an ADODC, and you enter a date into a grid column of datatype 7(date) the value inconsistently fails to persist.
9191 - The DataType is not being shown in the Grid Editor's Fields list for the following data types - Text, Memo, Byte, Rep ID
9190 - The Child Commands of a Data Environment are appearing as Fields in the Fields list in the Columns Tab.
9189 - Get Runtime error 91 when loading a layout with the Grid Editor (All Controls)
9186 - Row navigation is inconsistent when you have a column with a checkbox style.
9182 - If you display a MsgBox in the Error event of a bound DataGrid, the data in the column goes back to the old data
9173 - Error -2147417848 (80010108) when setting DataSource of OLEDBGrid at runtime.
9171 - GridEditor is corupting columns when the Grid is in Add Item mode and you have multiple levels.
9168 - Datatypes of fields are not being correctly set when using the fields button in the grid editor.
9164 - Pressing enter when the Combo is dropped down no longer selects the item.
9162 - When choosing DATE in the SSOleDBGrid, the grid shows a date-time field that is strangely formatted.
9158 - IsItemInList method now returns True for PARTIAL matches - only in Additem Mode.
9151 - Internet Explorer crashes after printing an additem grid using the PrintData method.
9131 - Access violation in msvcrt when setting the dropdownhwnd of a column to the hwnd of a dbdropdown in the initcolumnprops of the grid.
9130 - ValidateList event does not fire when ListAutoValidate is set to false.
9129 - When system short date format is DD/MM/YYYY; the OLEDBGRID - reverses the date strings entered into a cell.
9120 - When Nullable = 2, a <Null> is Written to SQL Server Database.
9121 - Unbound grid with groups that span pages prints strange. The group header exceeds the width of the columns in the group
9117 - Calling the SSDBGrid1.PrintData ssPrintAllRows from an extremely large additem grid causes an internal printing error, then causes vb6 to crash
9111 - After loading a layout, if you add a new group, then a new column the grid gets the caption property confused.
9095 - Grid only holds the first 511 characters of a long SQL Server varchar field.
9076 - ActiveCell.Value and OldValue parameter of the BeforeColUpdate event return the TEXT and not the VALUE of the cell.
9071 - UpdateError Event does not fire.
9056 - Setting the Display Style of the grid on a web page to None and attempting to use Printdata locks the whole machine.
9055 - After dynamically creating a property sheet with a grid on a couple of pages, the user can't drop down the combobox in a column.
9046 - Numeric numberformats do not work properly when regional settings are set to an international regional setting such as Dutch (standard).
9043 - Loading a layout for a bound grid prevents the database object from closing upon unloading the form.
9040 - SSDbCombo shows blanks and gpf's if the column is the same width as the width of the combo and listwidthautosize is false.
9033 - In the property pages, after making a Group invisible, then visible again, the Group becomes extremely wide.
9022 - Can not enter a dates prior to "1/1/80" if DataType is adDBTimeStamp.
9009 - Dates stored with milliseconds do not appear in the grid.
9005 - Get blank row after performing a ADO Recordset CancelUpdate on a row after performing an AddNew with a DataEnvironment
8992 - When the same OLEDBCommand is clicked twice during a single session, VB locks up.
8979 - The datafieldtodisplay does not show when the grid loads.
8977 - Hitting Ctrl-F6 switches to another application when the grid has focus.
8976 - Hitting escape while the dropdown is dropped will not revert to the previous value.
8975 - Additem DataCombo shows no text when doing a File-Print from IE4.
8971 - Dates are not displayed correctly when the regional settings are set to Italian( standard ).
8970 - If you change any property in the Property Pages, the DataGrid's RowHeight increases.
8960 - The DataGrid does not paint properly when placed on an ActiveThreedPlus ssScroll control.
8959 - DropDown's ListAutoValidate and ListAutoposition will not work with a string over 255 characters long.
8951 - SSOLEDBGrid bound to an ADODC which is connected to SQL Server. If you do an Addnew on the recordset, VB Locks up.
8950 - Control does not position correctly when AllowInput is set to false and the datamode is set to 0 - ssDataModeBound.
8947 - When displaying a form in the Click or AfterClick event of the SSDBCommand (or SSOLEDBCommand), the program locks up.
8939 - GPF after Find Next and scrolling down SSBGrid.
8937 - When you do a loadlayout in the form_load event the grid displays blank rows.
8932 - Grid initially shows blank rows when bound to RDS on some workstations.
8929 - Setting the text of the combo to "" causes a GPF in OLE32.dll.
8926 - When you set the datafieldtodisplay to a datatype of date, when you dropdown the list and select an item, the result is a blank cell.
8903 - OleDbGrid is connected to a disconnected recordset, grid does not save changes after a Batch Update
8897 - Grid bound to a ADODC whose recordset is created at runtime will duplicate the second record on top of the first if you page down then arrow up.
8895 - Group Width is showing the width of the previous group.
8888 - If you have an additem grid with a column whose fieldlen is set to -1 to handle memo fields, the column only accepts 8,163 characters not 32767.
8886 - Invalid page fault occurs when you give focus back to an MDIChild Form containing the SSDBOptionSet and press the down arrow key.
8884 - User would like to be able to trap the keypress of the ESC key, while the SSDBCombo.DroppedDown = True.
8879 - Loading a layout causes the ssOleDbGrid to display no records or blank rows.
8878 - When clicking on the SSDBCommand to hide and show other forms, freezes VB.
8866 - Customer states, when doing a .Reset on the SSDataCombo control, the InitColumnProps event does not fire after the grid was loaded, when in 3.0 it did.
8865 - When the user is doing a rebind on the grid, after printing partial rows in the grid, the grids contents are wiped out.
8864 - Grid is printing the wrong information to the columns when you have a lot of columns.
8861 - Column size appears different when running under large or small fonts.
8858 - With Regional settings set to Italian (standard), the grid is displaying incorrect characters when bound to OLE DB.
8857 - Display corruption occurs when making rows visible and then invisible
8851 - When using an Unbound SSOLEDBDropDown and setting DataFieldToDisplay, the column will be blank.
8836 - IsCellValid does not work with the new date datatype (adDBTimeStamp).
8835 - Numberformat does not affect the new date datatype (adDBTimeStamp).
8817 - If you delete a just added Record you get Error 16389 and cannot move to another row.
8808 - Rowheight is not persisting.
8795 - Some column data are printed again on other columns if you have several groups and many columns
8781 - The Click event of the ssDbCombo fires twice when arrowing through the dropdown.
8770 - GPF in VB5DB.DLL if you set a property of a column in the initcolumnprops when attached to an empty recordset.
8739 - First row becomes blank after selecting 2 or more rows and scrolling the First Row temporally out of view when bound to an ADODC.
8737 - SSDbGrid is brought in front of other controls when activated.
8685 - Dates are not displaying correctly in the grid when you bind to an OLE DB datasource with the ODBC provider.
8680 - If you bind a grid to an ADODC and a requery of the ADC results in an empty recordset, VB Locks up.
8596 - A Date column in the grid no longer accepts Null values.
8593 - When you load a layout using a saved layout with all the attributes (saveall) the rowheight is not being set.
8529 - Combo control inside a Usercontrol does not drop down on a web page.
8527 - The grid does not accept text being dragged from another control through OLEDragDrop.
8522 - Changing the rowheight via the SSDbGrid preview on the Columns tab does not dirty the form even though it changes the RowHeight property.
8466 - VB6 Application error occurs if you set the DataMemberOLEDB property to a non-existent command name in a Data Environment connection at runtime and the grid is clicked on.
8442 - The Picture of a StyleSet in the Property Pages cannot be removed.
8381 - Does not load a Layout file that does not have a .grd extention
8378 - The combo does not repaint itself when it is a constituent control in a vb5 usercontrol and displayed in a VB OLE Container.
8362 - Programatically selecting a row acts differently than using the mouse.
8334 - If you get a data validation error when closing a form and you cancel the unload in the QueryUnload, the grid displays the invalid Data.
8325 - If you go to the visible property of the column in the column tab and then hit a letter, you get a 381 Invalid Property Value and the editor closes.
8253 - If you have a splitter on a grid, the Save and Load Layout load in the columns in the wrong order.
8218 - When the Bound SSDBCombo control is in a UserControl; the SSDBCombo disappears in IE.
8159 - Whenever a column of a bound SSDBGrid is locked, if the Multiline Property is FALSE, the Change() event fires.
7294 - If you have a color name in a table tag it gets removed during the export.
7574 - If you have a mask set for the combo the list autoposition is not working.
6940 - Click Event for default Command Button fires when using the keyboard to select a value from the SSDBCombo.
6802 - Setting SplitterPos greater than zero & clicking on any tab in the Combo's Property Pages results in " RT error 380 Invalid Property Value".
6585 - The Column Width and Grid Width text boxes do not accept periods.
6260 - Removing all of the columns after the SplitterVisible property has been set results in a run-time error.


Version 3.11
8838 - The third Group of an SSDBGrid does not print when PageBreakOnGroups = ssPrintLeftAlignGroups and Portrait = False.
8821 - The VALUE property of a Grid with a Date field from a Data Environment comes out blank.
8820 - When you click MoveLast button the the ADODC, the grid scrolls all the rows out of view.
8818 - Odd behavior when an ADO's CursorLocation set to 2 - adUseServer
8814 - When bound to an ADO Control and AllowAddNew and AllowDelete are both set to true, placing the cursor in the first cell of the AddNew Row and hitting PageUp cause a GPF and total VB Shutdown.
8809 - Text and Value do not return the correct value when there's a mask in the SSDBCombo.
8773 - LoadLayout - Change in behavior. Loading a Layout would automatically remove all items in a grid. Now a GroupOnly Layout is not doing this.
8768 - RowLoaded Event is Firing Twice when you edit text in a row and move to another row.
8767 - When bound to a command in a data environment whose cursor location property is set to server-side, the dropdown works incorrectly.
8752 - Application crashes when tabbing through a group that is larger than the visible area allows and the splitter is on and visible.
8750 - Loading a styleset layout resets the grid.
8723 - When loading an Asynchronous ODBC Direct Recordset, Grid causes a GPF.
8721 - Rowloaded event fires before the InitColumnProps
8717 - When pressing ESC twice to cancel an AddNew in a cell with a Mask, cell in same column of previously selected Row is deleted.
8711 - When the SSDBGrid (OleDB) is bound to the ADODC and you press the MovePrevious button on the ADODC, the application freezes.
8708 - The SSDBGrid loses focus when you display a MsgBox in the BeforeColUpdate event and set Cancel = True.
8700 - Grid is not updating properly.
8699 - In an AddItem grid if you try traversing the grid and setting the text property of a column, it does not keep the value for the first row.
8692 - You cannot set the bookmark of the DataEnvironment to the bookmark of the combo.
8685 - Dates are not displaying correctly in the grid when you bind to an OLE DB Data Source with the ODBC provider.
8682 - The InitColumnProps doesn't fire after refreshing the data control.
8680 - If you bind a grid to an ADODC and a re-query of the ADC results in an empty recordset, VB Locks up.
8666 - The "A" controls are not mentioned in the conversion of Data 3 projects to OLEDB in the Help file and in the Readme.
8572 - The Font property of the grid reverts to MS Sans Serif 12pt whenever you go into the property pages.
8554 - When you bind to a memo field that has a large number of characters (~1000), the data from that memo field repeats in the other columns.
8551 - If you have a DropDown attached to a grid on a web page and press PageDown or PageUp, it scrolls the DropDown AND the page.
8518 - Subsequent changes to the font property of a grid do not take effect
7757 - At runtime, loading layouts or saving layouts always returns an error messagebox.
7117 - The StyleSet's AlignmentText property does not work